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Have you hugged a pothead today yet?

posted Apr 20, 2011, 5:04 AM by H3ATHER S   [ updated Apr 26, 2011, 4:15 PM by Heather S ]
Yeah I haven't either and I don't really intend to.  I ain't hugging no dirty smelly hippies and I suspect that today they will be dirtier and smellier than usual.  It's also Hitler's birthday.  I'm pretty sure he wasn't down with the ganja though.  However he did fancy himself some meth.  Yes, friends Hitler was in fact a tweeker.  As if he wasn't fucked in the head enough...

Anyhoo, this will be a mishmash of various and sundry topics not at all related to each other. 

First and perhaps most importantly my profile got suspended and DENIED today.  It seems that their cracker jack filtering team caught up with me today.  It only took them a fucking week.  Why do I get the feeling that they are operating out of a dank, dirty basement in Bangkok or something?  Well, apparently they think that my profile is fraudulent. 
Really?  What kind of fucking genius figured this one out?  Man, that's some quality sleuthing right there.  Call the FBI.  I think they could use this kind of talent!

But even more humorous is that my profile also got denied right before it was suspended because apparently the folks at frown upon sex on the first date.  (If you recall, my profile said that there'd better be boning on the first date.)
This in and of itself is the funniest shit ever.  Obviously they have to try and shirk that nasty "prostitution" label to stay in business.  But do you honestly believe they really think sex on the first date is inappropriate?  I sure do!  I believe in the fucking Easter Bunny too.  But regardless of that, when did they become my mother?

So I guess my pay-per-date lifestyle has ended before it even began... but dammit I was getting like 20 hits a day with that high-quality profile of mine. 

Oh well, I guess I'll survive.


Maybe all I need is a good cry...

Pardon me while I quietly weep for a bit...


In other, completely unrelated, news if you didn't know already, Friday is Earth Day.  And lots of various and sundry companies are offering free stuff if you do something to help the environment (thus somewhat mitigating the raping and pillaging that those massive conglomerates have done to the planet - at least in their own delusional minds).

So if you bring your own coffee mug to Starbucks on Friday, they will fill it for free with sludgy dirty dishwater Starbucks coffee!  And more than that, I got a very personal invitation on Facebook! 
But alas, I can't attend because unlike the majority of the country, I like coffee that doesn't fucking suck.