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Hate is not the Answer

posted Nov 9, 2016, 9:44 AM by Heather S   [ updated Nov 9, 2016, 10:10 AM ]

So here’s the thing. If you believe that half of our country voted for hate then you are marginalizing them the way that you believe they are marginalizing others. Now, I’m not saying that a good swath of the country didn’t vote for hate, but I have to believe that many did not.


Well, lots of people are one issue voters. (“If candidate x can ensure jobs for me and my family, then I will vote for that one.” “If candidate y will raise my taxes then I won’t vote for that one.”) Many times those issues are divisive ones like gun rights, abortion, etc. And unfortunately sometimes those issues are indeed based on hate, but I have to believe that this is not and was not the main reasons people voted the way that they did because believing the opposite is just so unthinkable.

The average IQ is around 95. If you don’t know anything about the IQ scale, this is not very smart. A good chunk of the population isn’t capable of critical thinking or advanced cognitive reasoning. It’s not that they are ignorant (though there’s a large chunk of those as well). They just were not born with this ability. And for a lot of people it’s incredibly hard to grasp ideas and issues outside of their small, contained life, so they only vote for the things that directly affect them (money, jobs) or that they think will directly affect them (“I’ve never met a Muslim person, but from what I’ve seen they are all terrorists trying to destroy our country.”) Unfortunately, racism isn’t just a matter of ignorance. It’s also a matter of intelligence.

Anyway, I’ve gone off on a tangent. The point is that people of average intelligence have a hard time seeing past their own personal experiences and a hard time recognizing issues that don’t directly affect them, so they tend to be one-issue voters. (Note here: I’m not saying that all one-issue voters are stupid. I’m just saying that most people of low intellect are one-issue voters. And unfortunately having a 2-party system BREEDS some very smart one-issue voters who may weigh each issue carefully, but are forced to make consolations). Regardless, if you are reading this, you are likely much smarter than the average person because people of similar intellect tend to group together – maybe even more so than people of similar socio-economic status.

I did not vote for either major party candidate. Yes, I’m one of those horrible third party voters who fucked up everything (not really, my state went the way it was supposed to go and would have regardless of my vote). I did vote for an imbecile and it was not out of defiance. It was because I believe in that party’s values and I think we need a political system that’s not so binary and resigning to the fact that things will not change and that one person or one small group of people cannot make a difference is diametrically opposed to the values that our country was built on, so fuck all of you whiners who say I wasted a vote or that my vote was “selfish”.

I also had huge issue with both major party candidates. I’m not going to get into what those issues were. I think they are obvious for one candidate, but not so obvious for the other (and if you were to hazard a guess, you would most likely be wrong because the issues I had were pretty much overlooked by everyone, including lots of very smart people).

But I guess the point to all of this is that fighting hate (or perceived hate, as I do not believe that everyone who voted a certain way did so out of hate) with hate will not work. People who are racist or sexist or any other type of “ist” will not be swayed by attacks and name-calling and angry “my belief is right and yours is wrong” rhetoric. In fact, this tactic will likely make them more “ist” than they were before.

You do, however, have every right to be angry. Be angry. A horrible human being is going to be president. Scream, yell and cry. But anger in and of itself is not going to help and neither is fear.  Yoda was right. Fear really does lead to anger and anger really does lead to hate and hate leads to nothing good. Be brave. Stand up for the things you believe in, but do so with compassion. Like it or not, not every belief that you have is right and not every opposing belief to yours is wrong nor born out of hate. There are some truly awful and hateful people with hateful beliefs out there, but I have to believe that they are not the norm and fighting them will not sway their opinions nor change who they are, so focus on the things and the people that can change by being the change that you want to see. Yes it’s cliché, and everyone will say that they believe in that truism but the irony is that most people don’t actually live it (myself included, 'cause if you know me and many of you may then you know that I am not an "ist" only because I hate everyone fairly equally... which I guess would therefore make me an anti-humanist).