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Happy Draw a Bird Day!

posted Apr 8, 2011, 6:44 AM by H3ATHER S   [ updated Apr 26, 2011, 4:54 PM by Heather S ]

OK at first this seemed like a ridiculous holiday fit for much mocking, but after doing some research it seems that it's kind of a nice story - one that almost (but didn't quite) melted my cold, dead heart.

Draw a Bird Day apparently started in the UK, so immediately I had images of perverts doodling tits and ass (note to the idgits who don't get this reference - in England they call women "birds"), but fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately if you're a pervy guy who likes to doodle naked women) that is not the case.  It really is about drawing actual birds - like, you know, the winged animal, most of which (but not all) can fly and stuff.

According to (which may or may not be a credible source but quite frankly I don't have the resources, time, or motivation to research this, so just go with me on this one) in 1943, this 7 year old chick (get it? I made a pun here! ahahahaha) was visiting her uncle in the hospital who had lost a leg to a land mine in the war (another note to idgits - that would be WWII).  To cheer him up, he asked her to draw a bird for him, which apparently was enough to lift his spirits and the spirits of the other soldiers in the hospital considerably.  Other bird drawings ensued and all was well and good with the world.


The little girl was hit by a car 3 years later.   At her funeral the soldiers and hospital staff decorated her coffin with their bird drawings.

Depressing and touching always = the makings for a great holiday.  We love that kind of shit, don't we?

Anyway, there's a Facebook Page for this holiday and everything... but let's face it, what doesn't have a Facebook page?  Well my ass doesn't have a Facebook page.  But it could.  And it would probably have more followers than I do.