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A Cheery Xmas Tune

Am I the Only Person Who Finds this Disturbing?

Right before Christmas, my sister called me and asked me to buy Susan Boyle's Christmas album for her.   I agreed while refraining from telling her that purchasing an album of screeching cats would probably be a better investment.

So I purchase said album and while I'm perusing the songs thereon, I notice this one:

Now I love the original Lou Reed version of this song.  In fact, it ranks up there as one of my all time favorite tunes.   I will also preface everything I'm about to say by saying that I could not and will never listen to Susan Boyle's version of this song, as I think it may scar me for life.



First of all, it is in no way, shape or form a CHRISTMAS song. 

Second - common interpretations of this song are that it has something to do with sex and drugs (i.e., heroin) - ummm... how's THAT for cheery xmas merriment?

And C:


I just don't know what else to say about this, but it seriously hurts my sensibilities knowing that this song exists.